Chrome dentures

Cobalt chrome (metal) dentures have a metal base plate or framework that sits on and around the natural teeth onto which denture teeth are attached by acrylic. They are the first choice of denture where biting space is limited and/or when the highest strength is required, and/or bulkiness needs to be minimised.

The stability and the retention is affected by both the number and position of any remaining teeth. The design of the denture is bespoke to you to optimize stability and retention. Teeth may need adjusting to make sure the denture has the best possible grip and resistance to the forces experienced when chewing.

They are the best option:

  • Where the mouth is unlikely to change
  • Where you have suitable natural teeth with a good prognosis
  • In patients where muscle control is compromised
  • For patients with a gag reflex due smaller size and close fit.

Advantages of having a cobalt chrome denture

  • Smaller, thinner and more streamlined
  • The best grip (retention)
  • Best chewing experience
  • Easier speech as can have palate more uncovered
  • The most hygienic
  • Very close fitting and precise
  • Are designed specific to each mouth - numerous features can be incorporated to improve the denture.
  • Can use precision attachments to avoid visible clasps
  • Very strong

Disadvantages of having a cobalt chrome denture

  • More expensive initially and when any changes need to be made
  • Some changes can be difficult to do (such as adding teeth), as this depends on the design and a remake is occasionally needed
  • Problems with natural teeth such as fractured fillings will affect the fit of the framework
  • Are made of metal which may be visible
  • Technically more difficult to make and fit