CBCT Scans and OPGs

Cone Beam Scanner unit at Wimborne Dental

Could your patients benefit from access to a new 3D CT scanner and OPG?

We are delighted to offer you a CT scanning and OPG service using our Vatech Cone Beam Scanner unit at Wimborne Dental. Our OPG and 3D CT scanning service is located in Wimborne, available at short notice and at your convenience, allowing patients to have their scan in a comfortable, private surrounding.

Our service

It is possible to obtain a Cone Beam CT scan of a single jaw for implant planning. It is also possible to obtain higher resolution scans for Periodontal or Endodontic assessment.

In order for us to carry out this service, simply a complete a referral form, we will then contact the patient to arrange a scan by appointment, to suit them. If this is your first referral to the practice, we will also require you to complete a Service Level Agreement, this is a mandatory form we require to be completed prior to us taking the CBCT scan on your behalf. The charge for our scanning service is £155.00, whether the scan is for a single jaw or both jaws. Our charge for OPGs is £77.50. Payment is due on the day of the scan by the patient, or prior the appointment if you are paying on behalf of the patient.