Patient Stories

Six Month Smiles - Rob Sep 2016


This patient underwent 6 month smile treatment - an innovative cosmetic orthodontic treatment which aims to align the teeth in just 6 months. Here’s what he had to say about his experience of the treatment...

What made you want to consider treatment?

I’m 36 now and ever since my wisdom teeth came through at 21, I’ve wanted to get my overbite fixed. I was embarrassed of my rabbit teeth and now I’m getting married, I wanted to have a perfect smile for the photos that will be with me for life. I was worried that my teeth would not be suitable for the treatment, so I was relieved when I found out the work could be successful and in time for my wedding. I’ve been wanting this done for years so for me it was a ‘no brainer’.

Describe your experience of having treatment?

It has been a pleasure to visit Briony every month. It has given me a couple of hours out of the office and I’ve fallen asleep during every visit! Apologies Briony but that shows how gentle you are!

How did you feel after the treatment and how do you feel now?

Ecstatic! I’m so happy with the results that I can’t stop smiling and showing off my new bright, cheesy grin!

Would you recommend the treatment to others?

Absolutely! I no longer feel the need to hide my smile! Overall it was great value for money, worth every penny and was a fantastic experience!