Patient Stories

Inline - Sally Jan 2017


Transforming a smile.

How were you feeling prior to the treatment?
I was starting to get very self-conscious about my teeth, they protruded and a gap had formed between my front teeth.

What made you want to consider the treatment?
The gap between my teeth was getting bigger and the teeth were obviously moving. As I play the saxophone I was very aware that this was probably contributing to the problem and wanted to resolve it but continue playing.

What did you think of the treatment options and the way in which they were recommended?
Explained well and no pressure put on me to decide which treatment to go for.

How did you decide to go ahead with the treatment?
I decided to go for the clear ‘Inline’ brace system as it would take a bit longer but it meant I could remove them to play my saxophone. In the end I have actually played wearing the brace anyway! This cost more but the 12 month interest free credit helped!

Describe your experience of having the treatment
Very easy to wear and clean. Amazed how quickly the teeth have moved and the gap got smaller. No pain, just a slight ache for the first day or two each time a tighter brace was fitted.

How did you feel immediately after the treatment?
Pleased that it worked so well and relieved to not have to wear the brace anymore during the day!

How do you feel now about having the treatment?
I am glad that I did it. I don’t even think about my teeth now, whereas I was previously embarrassed. The treatment was carried out in a very professional but friendly manner throughout and has had the result I hoped for. I am very glad that I took the plunge and made that first appointment that started on the road to having straight teeth again!

Sally - January 2017