Patient Stories

Clark Matrix - Lisa Sep 2016


This lady did not like the look of her upper front teeth. She hid her smile and was embarrassed to smile in front of people. Her smile has been transformed in just 1 visit, the results are amazing.

What made you want to consider treatment?
I didn’t like how I looked. My smile was always guarded and never reached my eyes! The treatment was just 2 hours.

What did you think of the treatment options recommended to you and the way in which they were recommended?
Suggestions were made about what may work. They covered the expensive and less expensive options - I didn’t feel pressured to making an expensive choice

How did you decide to go ahead with the treatment?
Previous treatments gave me confidence to go ahead - there was no pressure.

Describe your experience of having treatment?
I felt nervous but I was made to feel comfortable, my choice of music was already playing. Reassurance was given - I was comfortable throughout.

How did you feel after the treatment and how do you feel now?
GREAT! my smile - despite dribbling - was wide, so glad I had it done!

Would you recommend the treatment to others?
I’m glad I had this treatment, I feel great! I would recommend this to anyone. I’m smiling again

How would you summarise your experience overall?
One of the best decisions I have made. Good service, I was supported before, during and was offered support after, although I didn’t need it! I’m smiling - Happy!

Lisa - September 2016