Patient Stories

Six Month Smiles - Laura June 2016


This patient underwent 6 month smile treatment - an innovative cosmetic orthodontic treatment which aims to align the teeth in just 6 months. Here’s what she had to say about her experience of the treatment...

How were you feeling prior to treatment?
I felt very excited at the prospect of having the confidence to smile and show off my teeth again.

What made you want to consider treatment?
I had braces as a teenager, but in my 20’s, my teeth unfortunately lapsed, making my self conscious when smiling. I would frequently keep my lips tight when having photos taken and feel silly. I decided to go ahead with treatment having read great success stories and seen amazing before and after photos.

Describe your experience of having treatment?
It took a little longer than I was used to in the dental chair understandably. Briony was very gentle and explained what was going on. The nurses were fabulous, making me feel very comfortable throughout.

How did you feel after the treatment and how do you feel now?
I’m happy that I went through with the treatment. The results are seen quickly and the time flies by. I now feel happy to smile freely with my sparkly white gnashers!

Would you recommend the treatment to others?
I would indeed recommend the treatment to others and I am happy to share my overall experience with anyone considering it for themselves.

Laura – June 2016