Patient Stories

Six Month Smiles - Chloe March 2016

How were you feeling prior to the treatment?

My journey to straight teeth started way before writing this and 6 month smile. I was petrified of the dentist, even the thought of sitting in the dentist chair scared me to tears.

What made you want to consider the treatment?

I finally decided to take my smile to the next level. I went for 6 month smile because I had two twisted teeth.

What did you think of the treatment options and the way in which they were recommended?

I was disappointed initially as I would have preferred ‘Inline’ treatment, but on speaking to Briony she explained everything and how it would work step-by-step. By the time I left the surgery, I was confident and so excited to get the treatment started.

Describe your experience of having the treatment?

A month later I went back and had the braces fitted and WOW I couldn’t believe how easy and simple it was. They were all ready in the gum shield to go onto my teeth. To create more space, Briony had to file around 1-2mm away from between my teeth. This was the most uncomfortable part of the treatment but after that it wasn’t bad at all.Every time I went back for a review visit Briony took photos and I could gradually see my smile changing. It’s amazing what a clear little wire can do in a small space of time! 5months after having my braces fitted and a massive 3 months early, I went back to Briony and she confirmed that my teeth were ready to have the braces removed.

How did you feel immediately after the treatment?

I couldn’t believe it! I nearly cried. Having them taken off was strange. My mouth felt empty and I almost missed my braces! That was until she handed me the mirror...I couldn’t believe the difference.

How do you feel now about having the treatment?

I am so happy with my smile and I would do it all again!