Patient Stories

Six Month Smiles - Catriona March 2016

As the name suggests, the average time this treatment takes to complete is 6 months. The low forces used in this orthodontic treatment make 6 Month Smile more comfortable in comparison to traditional metal braces. Once your teeth have been straightened and you are happy with the end result, we will bond a retainer, hidden on the inside of your teeth, to keep them straightened. (As shown in the picture to the right).

The before and after photos featured to the left and below, show just how effective 6 Month

Smile treatment really is. This patient had crooked and poorly aligned lower front teeth and they were unhappy with the appearance of them. This patient was a perfect candidate for 6

Month Smile treatment. 6 Month Smile is a short-term orthodontic system which use clear braces to gently and effectively straighten adult teeth.